Thank you for changing my life around (AR, aged 25, Female)

I felt very relaxed and happy with the whole experience. (AS, aged 37, Male)

I was so relaxed I nearly slipped off the chair. (MD, aged 55, Female)

I didn’t want to leave my happy place, I felt so safe. (JI, aged 53, Female)

Wow, I got such an Ego boost, I felt both light and heavy, but totally in control. Amazing experience. (JO, aged 35 , Male)

Felt so comfortable and safe, calm all over. Such a happy sensation. I now have a safe place I can go to anytime. (SR, aged 47, Female)

Feel so much more confident going for interviews , can keep calm and focussed and the dreaded blushing has gone, thank you so much. (MF , aged 50, Female)

Don’t know how he did it but I don’t bite my nails anymore, hands felt light and tingly. (UR, aged 25, Female)

Totally worth it, wouldn’t smoke if you paid me, should have done it years ago. (TC, aged 51, Female)

I didn’t realise it was all in my head. It’s sorted and back to normal, looking forward to be able to have a steady relationship now. (RR, aged 27, Male)

I’m glad I did it, I was unsure to begin with but after a couple of sessions I felt strong enough to open up and get rid of all the stuff in my head. Feel so much better and confident. (AC, aged 24 , Male)

With Davie’s help I nailed it, I don’t fear speaking in public any more.(AB, aged 47, Male)

People really noticed I was slimmer and happier I noticed it too(EB, aged 25, Female)


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