Obesity Crisis You Bet…



7 tips to Get Rid of your Unwanted Weight


As a weight control professional I am often asked how to actually kick start getting rid of unwanted weight . With entrenched habits it can often be a struggle for those looking to begin this without taking up a restricted diet. I am not a fan of restricted diets because they more often than not feel like straight jackets and encourage you to think even more about food, something you absolutely don’t want to be doing. Of course it is important to be mindful about food, but not obsessed. Furthermore research would indicate that those undertaking a rigid diet end up piling the weight back on and in some cases more.
So where do you start?
What actions are important?
What will keep you on the weight control wagon?
The good news is that you can control weight and you can begin to feel the person you want to be.

Want to start feeling better about yourself? Here are Seven tips to help you get rid of the weight for good. I am always free to teach you number 5:
1. Ensure that you have a natural and relaxed control over food.
Remind yourself daily that you own the natural control over food. Encourage your mind that any fixation with food has melted and you are now in a position where you are the boss of food as opposed to the other way around.
2. Experience hunger and fill this space with activity that stimulates your mind.
Having been used to eating more than you need it is inescapable that there will be times that you feel hungry. What is important here is to fill the time you feel the hunger. Keep busy so that your mind is stimulated. It will help you forget about food.
3. Start glamming up!
Let the change begin. Do not wait until you achieve your ideal weight; start grooming yourself as one of the best right now. In other words take some pride in the way you look from today so that it indicates change. And think about treating yourself to something that makes you feel good about yourself.
4. Go 80 /20 on the food intake.
Rather than undertaking some complicated diet start living life the 80-20 way. In other words start planning meals so that you eat healthily for 80% of the time and some ‘junk’ for the remaining 20%. Denial is doomed so be realistic with your meals. However be certain you manage the portion.
5. Learn self hypnosis.
As a hypnotherapist I am well aware of the benefits hypnosis brings. Take time to research how self hypnosis works and treat yourself to a few sessions with a reputable clinical hypnotherapist to help you learn how to do self hypnosis for weight control . This will help program your control over food and it can be used daily to spur on your will power.
6. Police excuses.
As soon as you hear yourself making excuses delete them from your mind. Excuses are the absolute toxin of weight control. Have the attitude that there is always a solution to a challenge.
7. Be excited and celebrate.
It is essential that you remain excited about your weight control. Take your mind off the passion about yourself and it will not be long before you are regaining weight. Keep thinking of the changes you are making and let them excite you. Begin seeing yourself as a quality product and not someone that is in the rejects bin. As the weight drops be sure to celebrate by treating yourself to something that makes you feel better about yourself.
Remember getting rid of unwanted weight does not have to be a struggle. It can be exciting! With your mindset and motivation in the right place you will do it. It really is all in the mind

It is a weighty time bomb that non of us can ignore


Quite a disturbing article where the message really cannot be ignored.

I visited the US recently and was shocked by the number of young people using mobility scooters to get around. It appears that it is coming this side of the pond sooner than we think.

But of course it is just a prediction given current data and it doesn’t necessarily all have to be like this.

So again its about choices , lets choose to keep life simple and move more and eat less

I know motivation can be hard but find someone you can confide in and together set realistic goals that can be used in your balanced lifestyle.

The Fat Smoking Phobic Hypnotherapist

I’m not fat but I’m no “Men’s Health” front page model. However to people wanting to lose weight and more importantly change they way they think and feel about food, I’m a slim Jim and no mistake.

But does is matter?

Sure I wouldn’t be too keen to visit a dentist who had rotten teeth but I know plenty of doctors who live quite an unhealthy lifestyle, but I’d still respect their medical expertise.

So is it ok for therapists to be overweight smokers who hate spiders and flying?

Or is it just a case it’s all about the results so the therapist doesn’t have to walk the walk as long as they can talk the talk?

Present – What does this mean to you?


A friend of mine told me something that made me think-

“What is a present ?” he asked , well given that Christmas has just gone then I guess it is a gift.

“What is another word for living in the here and now?” , a present?

“Yes” he said

So if you can see that the present moment, right here right now, is actually a gift ( a present) then why would you not appreciate it?

Sure it cost you nothing so go on absorb yourself in the present.

45 days The magic number?


I was recently at a continuous professional development event (The Self – Fergus Heffernan PhD).

What had been bugging me was that there is a lot press about changing habits – smoking , weight , exercise, lifestyle …

and that there seems available to everyone a quick fix to it all – diets, patches, gums,machines even hypnosis.

Indeed we live in a society which is forever demanding change and it has to be instant.

However there needs to be firstly-

A Desire For Change
As with any addiction there will be a withdrawal process produced in your body and re-enforced within your brain. Primary withdrawal

usually being about 14 days .

Once this critical gap is breached, within an additional 14 days (28 days from start), the majority of the work would already have been


By the magic 45 day mark, your cells would have been deemphasized for a particular neuropeptide requirement and emotionally, one

would not feel the same level of attraction to the unwanted behaviours/habits.

Indeed replacing  the old habit with a new habit/behaviour that will serve  you in some meaningful way would be the most preferred way

to overcome these challenges.

So that is the power of Hypnotherapy, replacing the old habit/ behaviour with a new habit/ behaviour deep in the subconscious thus

allowing this to be the desired outcome.

Easy when you know how and just like watching your garden flowers grow, given a little time,desire and nurture, we can all bloom

both naturally and beautifully.

 PS 45 days = 12% of the days in the year. That’s 88% of year to live the life you really want… 

Open for business

I was at a training day recently and was discussing various techniques and strategies with my colleagues , as you do, about the services we as therapists provide.(the course was relating to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy dealing with depression)

We were flying, all buzz, buzz, buzz , take on the world with our new found knowledge – bring it on…

But and here is the rub very few of us are seeing many clients on a regular basis.

So burst as we may with techniques for helping anything and everything relating to emotional and psychological concerns, they are not worth a jot if your only clients are the office cat and the invisible man.

Now this may all be down to the dreaded austerity measures and gloomy budget deficit talk which seems to permeate throughout the popular media (indeed one of my colleagues had a situation where all his clients due to see him cancelled following a depressing government announcement about budget cuts).

 Another therapist suggested that the market was over saturated with therapists. Indeed Ireland is not a big place and the Irish are leaving for foreign shores by the bucket load (well aeroplane load really), so maybe it is an ever decreasing circle or race to the bottom as one therapist described it as we undercut each other chasing the shadows. 

Now one therapist did say that they were overrun with clients, albeit after spending a considerable amount of time and money on their website.

So its open for business for all clients (the cat’s had enough and the invisible man always seems to disappear when it comes to settle his bill).