E-Cigarette 7700 flavours!


Just reading an article about how the major cigarette companies are expanding into the e-gig market , sure they are entitled to make a living, right?

Apparently young, current smokers are trying them to quit traditional cigarettes. As I have pointed out before smoke if you want to, hopefully you live in a free country with free will to do so. But be aware that your swapping one habit for another and the substitute still contains nicotine, so you are not free from it. And the big tobacco companies know this so expect massive marketing campaigns for E-cigs as they pursue your hard earned cash before the market is properly regulated.

However a point that I found incredible is that there at least 7700 flavours of the vapour / nicotine-emitting devices available online.

How is this even possible,when I was growing up you were lucky to get three flavours of ice cream – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry….



Healthier Smoker – Oxymoron?


Further to an earlier post about e- cigarettes and how they are being touted as the safer , healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes I recently came across a shop with the title – Healthier Smoker.

Its a real shop , a proper building, windows and doors with the oxymoronic title above the shop front.

Close by is a traditional newsagent who can stock but not display conventional cigarettes nor advertise that they sell them. Across the road there is a chemist selling nicotine patches and gums.

Now I don’t personally smoke but I know a few smokers and have certainly helped many give them up.

Is it just me or does it seem that there dark forces at work here? I mean here are three different shops all selling products that contain nicotine yet one is virtually selling them under the counter, whereas the other two are promoting them as either pseudo- medicines or indeed “Healthy”.

I’m not for promoting smoking however I am for a fair and just society where people are free to make their own choices which means if your selling nicotine products then they should be promoted on a level playing field.

If you want to smoke then you should be free to do so. If you want to stop smoking then don’t be fooled by the marketing which suggests there is a healthier option by swapping one addiction for another (e-cigs, gums, patches, sprays even nicotine mints!)

If you want to stop smoking then see a hypnotherapist ; you’ll quit for good , have more money in your pocket and definitely be healthier.