Ode to Blushing

Christmas party time
Filled with dread
For sure my face
Will go bright red

A glass of wine
Maybe two
I feel the flush
Now I can’t look at you

Just thinking about it
Brings me down
My cheeks aglow
Like a circus clown

I’ll stay in the shadows
Be a quiet wallflower
Hopefully nobody will notice
Me getting redder by the hour

I’ve tried pills, potions
Herbs and voodoo
I can’t take no more
Please remove this hoodoo

Now I doubt I’ll ever make a career in poetry however this time of year can be extremely daunting for those who suffer from blushing. It is one of the most common client issue.

So I just want to send a little word to you all , enjoy yourself not matter what happens.

However if it is getting a bit too much then think about the process in your mind and remind your mind that you control it and you’ll decide what happens.

But just to let you know Bashful was my favourite out of the seven dwarves.



Sucess in exams and study



It’s that time again, my phone rings –

“Help… My exams are coming up and I haven’t studied”

Is that You or if not You then someone You know?

Well in my experience, if you hope to have any chance of passing your exams and being successful in life, you have to overcome any negative feelings you may have towards testing.

Think it’s impossible? Well it’s not – One hypnosis session with me can make this a reality.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Easily absorb every bit of information when studying for an exam.
  • Finish each exam you take to the best of your ability.
  • Never feel apprehension about taking an exam again.
  • Actually look forward to your exams and enjoy the entire exam process.

I don’t claim that hypnosis will turn you into an exam expert overnight. Your inner mind is your powerhouse, how you use it, or not, is up to you.

But if You are ready to join the hundreds of others who have achieved exam success using hypnosis then call me on – 085 843 5939 today.



Energy Vampire- Tis the season to be gloomy

energy vampires

Yes It maybe “HO HO HO” for the  majority of us this time of year but watch out for those who are more “OH OH OH”.

Now I fully respects everyone’s right to feel they way they feel and act in the way they think that is right. I mean every action has a purpose , right?

Also we are all just energy – cosmic dust morphed into our current form – so some of it has to dark, right?

But what I’m talking about here are the serial moaners and groaners , the back bitters and gossips – the ones (according to themselves) that life has served them the rubbish deck of cards and left them holding the smelly end of the stick , you know yourself who they are –

Bill from accounts with his nagging sore back that has medical science baffled , Sally the secretary who never seems to meet the right type of fella, Jim “the Genie” who only ever appears to actually move when a bottled is opened.

The list of course is endless but is your tolerance?

How often do you feel physically and emotionally drained after an encounter with one of these people?

How often do you keep up the pretence that they are not that bad and its good that you are there to listen to them?

But there again how often do you time your movements around the workplace to avoid these people?

How many requisitions have you submitted for a “caller id” telephone so you don’t have to take their calls?

So this Festive season to avoid being drained by the Energy Vampires try these tips –

  • Breathe , yes that simple process that we take for granted yet never really practice, inhale through your nose feeling your belly blow up like a balloon and exhale letting all the negative energy blow away.
  • Say “No” , it is okay for you to say this to people who are not adding value to your life, your time is as equally as precious as theirs so use it wisely.
  • Appraise the need for these people to be in your life and if you don’t need them then let them go.
  •  if you have to have contact with them then visualise some form of barrier, a protective shield, whereby their words and actions cannot penetrate into your energy.
  • Give space for you to reflect on who you are and who is supporting this. If it’s not working out for you try shifting that energy to more likeminded people. Only you can make the first step to a life worth living.<

45 days The magic number?


I was recently at a continuous professional development event (The Self – Fergus Heffernan PhD).

What had been bugging me was that there is a lot press about changing habits – smoking , weight , exercise, lifestyle …

and that there seems available to everyone a quick fix to it all – diets, patches, gums,machines even hypnosis.

Indeed we live in a society which is forever demanding change and it has to be instant.

However there needs to be firstly-

A Desire For Change
As with any addiction there will be a withdrawal process produced in your body and re-enforced within your brain. Primary withdrawal

usually being about 14 days .

Once this critical gap is breached, within an additional 14 days (28 days from start), the majority of the work would already have been


By the magic 45 day mark, your cells would have been deemphasized for a particular neuropeptide requirement and emotionally, one

would not feel the same level of attraction to the unwanted behaviours/habits.

Indeed replacing  the old habit with a new habit/behaviour that will serve  you in some meaningful way would be the most preferred way

to overcome these challenges.

So that is the power of Hypnotherapy, replacing the old habit/ behaviour with a new habit/ behaviour deep in the subconscious thus

allowing this to be the desired outcome.

Easy when you know how and just like watching your garden flowers grow, given a little time,desire and nurture, we can all bloom

both naturally and beautifully.

 PS 45 days = 12% of the days in the year. That’s 88% of year to live the life you really want… 

Open for business

I was at a training day recently and was discussing various techniques and strategies with my colleagues , as you do, about the services we as therapists provide.(the course was relating to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy dealing with depression)

We were flying, all buzz, buzz, buzz , take on the world with our new found knowledge – bring it on…

But and here is the rub very few of us are seeing many clients on a regular basis.

So burst as we may with techniques for helping anything and everything relating to emotional and psychological concerns, they are not worth a jot if your only clients are the office cat and the invisible man.

Now this may all be down to the dreaded austerity measures and gloomy budget deficit talk which seems to permeate throughout the popular media (indeed one of my colleagues had a situation where all his clients due to see him cancelled following a depressing government announcement about budget cuts).

 Another therapist suggested that the market was over saturated with therapists. Indeed Ireland is not a big place and the Irish are leaving for foreign shores by the bucket load (well aeroplane load really), so maybe it is an ever decreasing circle or race to the bottom as one therapist described it as we undercut each other chasing the shadows. 

Now one therapist did say that they were overrun with clients, albeit after spending a considerable amount of time and money on their website.

So its open for business for all clients (the cat’s had enough and the invisible man always seems to disappear when it comes to settle his bill).