Ode to Blushing

Christmas party time
Filled with dread
For sure my face
Will go bright red

A glass of wine
Maybe two
I feel the flush
Now I can’t look at you

Just thinking about it
Brings me down
My cheeks aglow
Like a circus clown

I’ll stay in the shadows
Be a quiet wallflower
Hopefully nobody will notice
Me getting redder by the hour

I’ve tried pills, potions
Herbs and voodoo
I can’t take no more
Please remove this hoodoo

Now I doubt I’ll ever make a career in poetry however this time of year can be extremely daunting for those who suffer from blushing. It is one of the most common client issue.

So I just want to send a little word to you all , enjoy yourself not matter what happens.

However if it is getting a bit too much then think about the process in your mind and remind your mind that you control it and you’ll decide what happens.

But just to let you know Bashful was my favourite out of the seven dwarves.



Sound Advice


Please keep on laughing as your doctor will probably tell you-

It’s quite infectious and liable to spread quickly

The psychiatrist , SSRI’s and the road to spirituality

When someone is depressed, [doctors] assume that this is caused by a disturbance in your biochemistry, which must be related to some sort of genetic thing in your personality. What I would want to know is what has happened in that person’s past and their present that is disturbing their biochemistry and making them depressed? Our behaviour has an immediate and far-reaching effect on our chemical balance, but that question’s not asked. Even as you and I are sitting here discussing this, there are all sorts of changes happening in your neurochemistry and in your body – so it’s highly dynamic – Ivor Browne

Came across the work of Ivor Browne who quite frankly floats my boat.

Anyone interested in a doctor who doesn’t prescribe anti- depressants and sees meaning within the person ( through their energy – quantum physics tells us we are all energy) then get a copy of –

“The writings of Ivor Browne, Atrium”.

As a therapist it is helpful to know that the medical profession are open to alternative ways to deal with depression –

releasing energy through our relationships to our self, each other as people, communities and that personal spiritual connection to the universe- the original and ultimate of all energy.