Unique Christmas Gift?



Years ago at a party I remember the conversation getting around to presents – you know which was the best , worst you received or indeed gave.

When it came to , let us just call him Harry, Harry said he once asked his girlfriend what would she like for Christmas. She replied that she didn’t need anything etc etc. However after much cajoling she eventually said ,

“Just get me something I don’t have”

So he got her a unicycle

They didn’t see another Christmas together.

Christmas is a time for giving and understanding. Take time out to enjoy the little things and hopefully the feelings will last long after the Christmas lights have been switched off.





The Little Things


  • So what if the traffic is gridlocked
  • So what if your boss shouts at you for being late
  • So what if you forgot your lunch and have no money to buy another one
  • So what if the kids are driving you crazy
  • So what if your life has not worked out just the way you thought it would

There is always Autumn Fall leaves to run through, it is not just for kids

Enjoy the little things