it’s just a thought💡

Think 😊 💭


How long is a piece of String?

Long enough to save your life


Struggling with your weight or even if your not, try this amazingly simple technique which may just amaze you and save your life (I was surprised when I tried it)

Link from BBC One “the truth about obesity”

BMI weight test



That’s Life (or so they tell me…)

We find meaning when we “wake up” and experience life and the world more fully.

via The Meaning of Life May Be Life Itself — Psychology Today

Great article on the meaning of life.

“Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think”

How to Live a Regret-Free Life — Psychology Today

As you go into the new year, ask yourself: What lesson did you learn this past year that you wish you’d known earlier? What will you do now to transform that regret into action?

via How to Live a Regret-Free Life — Psychology Today