A Metaphorical Salad


You know I was making a salad the other night so I laid all my ingredients out on the worktop – crisp iceberg lettuce, luscious red tomatoes, sweet yellow, orange and red peppers, long spring onions, purple red onions and a large Spanish onion; a hard boiled egg, a block of mature Irish cheddar cheese, a stick of celery, a pink lady apple and a handful of walnuts.

I carefully washed all the fruit and vegetables under the running tap the ice cold water making my fingers go numb. I then roughly tore up the lettuce, cracking and ripping every leaf. I cut up the tomatoes into quarters and finely chopped the peppers and onions. My eyes wept as I did so. I quickly chopped the celery, peeled and cored the apple then sliced it as was the hard boiled egg, Finally the cheese was cubed and  the walnuts crushed.

I got my large salad bowl from the cupboard above my head and throw all the prepared ingredients into the bowl. A pinch of salt and black pepper and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil were poured over the salad and then all the ingredients were gently tossed and mixed around the bowl. How tempting it looked all those fresh vibrant colours, reds, yellows, orange, green, white and brown. All those fragrances and aromas, woody and sweet, young and old wafting into the air.

Then I looked closely at the salad and thought isn’t it funny that I would gladly choose any of the ingredients by themselves yet together how better they become working together to complement each other in their own unique way.

Unique as despite my best efforts of tossing them high into the sky and mixing them up in and around the bowl they still remained the same –still a piece of lettuce, tomato, pepper, onion, egg, cheese, celery, apple and nut. Yes they had a bit of seasoning and dressing but that is like a uniform that could be removed for beneath this they continued to be themselves providing the flavour and aroma they always did but now even better in so many ways.


Unique Christmas Gift?



Years ago at a party I remember the conversation getting around to presents – you know which was the best , worst you received or indeed gave.

When it came to , let us just call him Harry, Harry said he once asked his girlfriend what would she like for Christmas. She replied that she didn’t need anything etc etc. However after much cajoling she eventually said ,

“Just get me something I don’t have”

So he got her a unicycle

They didn’t see another Christmas together.

Christmas is a time for giving and understanding. Take time out to enjoy the little things and hopefully the feelings will last long after the Christmas lights have been switched off.




The purpose of being purposeful

purposeful point

“What is the point”?

This is a question I come across quite often and yep not necessarily an easy one to answer.

Well it is if you know the answer but until you do then it is not going to be easy.

Hopefully this makes sense and not just a conversational loop!

The point is the purpose of the point of the thing whatever it is in the first place. Eh!

There is no point in climbing the mountain unless you have a purpose for doing so. Otherwise you would be better off doing something else. Something that has a purpose, something you want to do.

Of course you may feel compelled, even forced into doing something that you really do not want to do. But if you do not want to do it then guess what – don’t do it.

Unless, that is, you have a purpose and that purpose may even be survival but it is still a purpose.

So next time you are faced with a task focus on the purposeful point otherwise you may well be asking yourself –

“What is the point”?

PS: My previous post Zoom!- what was that?  might help with your point of purpose.