The psychiatrist , SSRI’s and the road to spirituality

When someone is depressed, [doctors] assume that this is caused by a disturbance in your biochemistry, which must be related to some sort of genetic thing in your personality. What I would want to know is what has happened in that person’s past and their present that is disturbing their biochemistry and making them depressed? Our behaviour has an immediate and far-reaching effect on our chemical balance, but that question’s not asked. Even as you and I are sitting here discussing this, there are all sorts of changes happening in your neurochemistry and in your body – so it’s highly dynamic – Ivor Browne

Came across the work of Ivor Browne who quite frankly floats my boat.

Anyone interested in a doctor who doesn’t prescribe anti- depressants and sees meaning within the person ( through their energy – quantum physics tells us we are all energy) then get a copy of –

“The writings of Ivor Browne, Atrium”.

As a therapist it is helpful to know that the medical profession are open to alternative ways to deal with depression –

releasing energy through our relationships to our self, each other as people, communities and that personal spiritual connection to the universe- the original and ultimate of all energy.






Energy Vampire- Tis the season to be gloomy

energy vampires

Yes It maybe “HO HO HO” for the  majority of us this time of year but watch out for those who are more “OH OH OH”.

Now I fully respects everyone’s right to feel they way they feel and act in the way they think that is right. I mean every action has a purpose , right?

Also we are all just energy – cosmic dust morphed into our current form – so some of it has to dark, right?

But what I’m talking about here are the serial moaners and groaners , the back bitters and gossips – the ones (according to themselves) that life has served them the rubbish deck of cards and left them holding the smelly end of the stick , you know yourself who they are –

Bill from accounts with his nagging sore back that has medical science baffled , Sally the secretary who never seems to meet the right type of fella, Jim “the Genie” who only ever appears to actually move when a bottled is opened.

The list of course is endless but is your tolerance?

How often do you feel physically and emotionally drained after an encounter with one of these people?

How often do you keep up the pretence that they are not that bad and its good that you are there to listen to them?

But there again how often do you time your movements around the workplace to avoid these people?

How many requisitions have you submitted for a “caller id” telephone so you don’t have to take their calls?

So this Festive season to avoid being drained by the Energy Vampires try these tips –

  • Breathe , yes that simple process that we take for granted yet never really practice, inhale through your nose feeling your belly blow up like a balloon and exhale letting all the negative energy blow away.
  • Say “No” , it is okay for you to say this to people who are not adding value to your life, your time is as equally as precious as theirs so use it wisely.
  • Appraise the need for these people to be in your life and if you don’t need them then let them go.
  •  if you have to have contact with them then visualise some form of barrier, a protective shield, whereby their words and actions cannot penetrate into your energy.
  • Give space for you to reflect on who you are and who is supporting this. If it’s not working out for you try shifting that energy to more likeminded people. Only you can make the first step to a life worth living.<