Time well spent?

Apparently the average person will spend up to 6 months of their lives queuing.(post office / bank / shops etc.)

Unless of course you have ever visited Walt Disney World then best to double that figure!

But you know what, it is probably time well spent (Walt Disney World that is not the rest of the stuff which we really need to ask ourselves if it is adding any value to our lives as its certainly eating away at our time left on the planet)




I was asked recently what serendipity meant to me. I said that I remember seeing a cartoon which went a bit like this-

A man went into a shop and after wandering around for a while said to the shopkeeper-

You don’t seem to have what I am not looking for.

I think that explains it perfectly…


Zoom! – what was that?



Zoom! – what was that? That was your life, mate. That was quick, do I get another? Sorry mate, that’s your lot.

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty (Fawlty Towers – BBC)

Might be time to focus on those summer time dreams and perhaps put those thoughts into action, you just might not get a better opportunity than now.

Do you dream in colour

dream in colour

Just listening to Bill Nelson’s “Do you Dream in colour” and it got me thinking , well do you?

Personally I do but I cannot say it has always been the case. Perhaps because I keep a dream diary and I have an interest in the content that I can remember the details (action,sound and vision so to speak).

However I read somewhere that about 95% of our dreams are forgotten and 80% of these are in colour. The thing is it is not something I have ever asked a client, dream recollection can be hard enough if your are not used to it let alone remembering if it was in Technicolor, monochrome or indeed sepia toned.

Furthermore would colour dreams make a difference to the therapy resolution?

Might need to experiment a bit – blue cheese before bedtime anyone?

Sweet dreams…