The Fat Smoking Phobic Hypnotherapist

I’m not fat but I’m no “Men’s Health” front page model. However to people wanting to lose weight and more importantly change they way they think and feel about food, I’m a slim Jim and no mistake.

But does is matter?

Sure I wouldn’t be too keen to visit a dentist who had rotten teeth but I know plenty of doctors who live quite an unhealthy lifestyle, but I’d still respect their medical expertise.

So is it ok for therapists to be overweight smokers who hate spiders and flying?

Or is it just a case it’s all about the results so the therapist doesn’t have to walk the walk as long as they can talk the talk?


My Business Card – The Marmite Effect

business card

I have some enquiries about my business card –

some love it and some hate (hence the Marmite effect – incidentally I am on the “love Marmite” side)

Basically I feel hypnosis / hypnotherapy should be tailored to the needs of the individual and as such, in support of this view, I asked my daughter to help me design an unique one-off card for her Daddy. (The picture is of me without my glasses but wearing my kilt !)

I think the card is as individual as the therapy I believe in.

It is easy to get a business card “off the shelf” with an attractive design and printed text. Indeed I used to have such cards until I found another therapist using the same design as me, obviously with their own details printed on the card.

So I would like to get some feedback on this topic and indeed if you would vote in the poll that would be grand also.

Life is about choices and your business card should, to me anyhow, express your individuality as much as possible.

Yes we are all on the same journey but is it not better to do it your way?