For Ophelia

With this recent series of earthquakes, record-breaking hurricanes, and fires – it seems more important than ever to discuss the impacts of natural disasters on human happiness.

via 3 Hidden Ways Natural Disasters Hurt Happiness — Psychology Today



The Bowie Effect


I remember when Elvis died, I was just a kid and knew my parents were big fans, I can’t remember them playing any of his music again.

Now I was not a big fan of Bowie although was always interested in what he did. I saw him live back in 1990, he played all his old stuff from the seventies, the memory will always stay with me as will the first time I heard “Heroes”, in English and German. A WOW experience without mistake.

Indeed I was listening to “Darkstar” this weekend of its release and was taken with how good is was, I mean the guy was 69 and still making powerful music. Not knowing of course his ill health and the album was him writing his own epitaph.

Fair play to him and indeed his family and those who knew about his terminal condition to keep it going; not to just give up but perhaps in some kind of mindful way to accept and acknowledge the situation and produce one last piece of work that as he put it,

” They will remember me know”.

But there again even in this snapchat age where nothing last beyond the next paragraph, I don’t think he would have been forgotten given his influence on so my music and art genres and thus groups and bands throughout the world. Although interestingly enough I was speaking to a few people from India recently and they had never heard of him!

So what is my point here?

Can we take from his death, the inspiration of his work either directly or indirectly through those influenced by him and see the potential in ourselves not to give in to adversity and bloody well get off our ass and make something of our lives.

Or is it just another day in the life… until we join David in the eternal sleep.

I rather hope we can all be inspired to do something, even one thing, that will make a difference to ourselves and others. No matter what age we are, every day is a potential school day, so let us all do something. Whatever it is no matter how lame it may seem to you, if it makes a difference then be the difference that makes the difference.

Bowie did not stop even when some said his creativity was gone, he was past it. He kept going and even when he knew his time was up, he gave us “Lazarus” to remind us even in death we can all live through the legacy of what we give to the world.