Mindful of the January Darkness

thought power

January can be a tough month in the northern hemisphere. It is dark, can be cold, as it is as I write and wet which it has been considerably over the last few weeks.

We also challenge ourselves, perhaps a little too harshly, with commitments to resolutions that maybe are a bit too much of a stretch to achieve.So we give up on them, blame ourselves and dwell on the gloominess of January.

Now I can do nothing about the weather  but I can make realistic changes about how I feel about it. Nothing is forever even January and Winter will pass, bringing Spring and brighter days and weather.

Every sorrow has a new beginning, every day a dawn beyond the darkness. Hope is always in abundance as we focus on being mindful of the little things that reminds us we are alive. We may not all have the power to change the lives of many but we all the power of One to change something in ourselves.

Be the light in your life that brings life to light.



Author: davidxmcallister

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