Cure for insomnia?

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I was helping someone who had difficulty sleeping and I had to admit I was stumped. I had tried various interventions with them – Hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation, CBT, relaxing music, warm baths, warm milk , cold milk , no milk…

I was on the verge of insomnia myself trying to resolve it when I happened to mention the issue to a colleague, who suggested I ask my client if they had cold feet. Why? Well apparently he had suffered insomnia for years and one night he was lying in bed and forgot to take his socks off and had the best sleep in ages.

Now whether this is a coincidence or a correlation I’m not sure but it worked for my client  (who happened to be a qualified physician) and guess what it works for me too.

Try it, it might just be what you are missing. Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Author: daviemac

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