The purpose of being purposeful

purposeful point

“What is the point”?

This is a question I come across quite often and yep not necessarily an easy one to answer.

Well it is if you know the answer but until you do then it is not going to be easy.

Hopefully this makes sense and not just a conversational loop!

The point is the purpose of the point of the thing whatever it is in the first place. Eh!

There is no point in climbing the mountain unless you have a purpose for doing so. Otherwise you would be better off doing something else. Something that has a purpose, something you want to do.

Of course you may feel compelled, even forced into doing something that you really do not want to do. But if you do not want to do it then guess what – don’t do it.

Unless, that is, you have a purpose and that purpose may even be survival but it is still a purpose.

So next time you are faced with a task focus on the purposeful point otherwise you may well be asking yourself –

“What is the point”?

PS: My previous post Zoom!- what was that?  might help with your point of purpose.


Author: daviemac

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