A talking dog, yours for a tenner. Do you get it?

I heard this story, wrapped within a therapeutic context, at a course recently and I was wondering if you can get it.

A man sees a sign for a talking dog for 10 (insert your local currency here). He goes in to the shop and true enough the man behind the desk says yes it is true. Do you want to see him he asks. Sure do the man replies. Ok go through the door on the left go down the corridor turn left down the stairs second door on your right.

So the man follows the directions and sees the dog, Hello says the dog how are you? The man says, so it’s true you can talk. Oh yes says the dog I was trained for the armed services to work behind enemy lines then later on I worked in civil defence in covert operations.

Wow says the man and he runs back to the man behind the desk, he says that is amazing, a talking dog, is he really for sale for a tenner?

Oh yes, says the man behind the desk and continues, did he tell you about being in the armed services and civil defence working in covert operations?

Yes replies the man.

The man behind the counter replies, yeah he tells everyone that but it’s not true…

Do you get it?dog


Author: davidxmcallister

Hear to Listen - Here to Help

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