45 days The magic number?


I was recently at a continuous professional development event (The Self – Fergus Heffernan PhD).

What had been bugging me was that there is a lot press about changing habits – smoking , weight , exercise, lifestyle …

and that there seems available to everyone a quick fix to it all – diets, patches, gums,machines even hypnosis.

Indeed we live in a society which is forever demanding change and it has to be instant.

However there needs to be firstly-

A Desire For Change
As with any addiction there will be a withdrawal process produced in your body and re-enforced within your brain. Primary withdrawal

usually being about 14 days .

Once this critical gap is breached, within an additional 14 days (28 days from start), the majority of the work would already have been


By the magic 45 day mark, your cells would have been deemphasized for a particular neuropeptide requirement and emotionally, one

would not feel the same level of attraction to the unwanted behaviours/habits.

Indeed replacing  the old habit with a new habit/behaviour that will serve  you in some meaningful way would be the most preferred way

to overcome these challenges.

So that is the power of Hypnotherapy, replacing the old habit/ behaviour with a new habit/ behaviour deep in the subconscious thus

allowing this to be the desired outcome.

Easy when you know how and just like watching your garden flowers grow, given a little time,desire and nurture, we can all bloom

both naturally and beautifully.

 PS 45 days = 12% of the days in the year. That’s 88% of year to live the life you really want… 


Author: daviemac

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