Open for business

I was at a training day recently and was discussing various techniques and strategies with my colleagues , as you do, about the services we as therapists provide.(the course was relating to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy dealing with depression)

We were flying, all buzz, buzz, buzz , take on the world with our new found knowledge – bring it on…

But and here is the rub very few of us are seeing many clients on a regular basis.

So burst as we may with techniques for helping anything and everything relating to emotional and psychological concerns, they are not worth a jot if your only clients are the office cat and the invisible man.

Now this may all be down to the dreaded austerity measures and gloomy budget deficit talk which seems to permeate throughout the popular media (indeed one of my colleagues had a situation where all his clients due to see him cancelled following a depressing government announcement about budget cuts).

 Another therapist suggested that the market was over saturated with therapists. Indeed Ireland is not a big place and the Irish are leaving for foreign shores by the bucket load (well aeroplane load really), so maybe it is an ever decreasing circle or race to the bottom as one therapist described it as we undercut each other chasing the shadows. 

Now one therapist did say that they were overrun with clients, albeit after spending a considerable amount of time and money on their website.

So its open for business for all clients (the cat’s had enough and the invisible man always seems to disappear when it comes to settle his bill). 



Author: daviemac

Hear to Listen - Here to Help

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