New Business Card – normality is resumed

Yes the poll for my previous card (the graffiti style with the mini me on it)was hardly conclusive and I so want to be individual in my way of doing things however I have to accept what my clients and indeed potential clients are saying –

“Is your daughter the therapist or you?” – that did hurt a bit

“Really, it’s a nice card but how can I take you seriously?” – well I have spelled out my credentials and I have stated the reasons for the card design but hey I’m open to change just as you are (I hope)

“It’s a kindergarten kiddy-on piece of….” – it’s nice to be nice!

There were of course some who liked it and saw beyond the card as they had heard of me and appreciated that I provide a good valued,professional service to client’s and I am fully considerate of their needs.

However it’s a competitive world and as such I have designed a new card which, although in my opinion will not stand me out from the crowd, it will prove that I take what I do seriously and reflects my honestly to provide a professional clinical hypnotherapy service to my clients.

thanks –


Author: davidxmcallister

Hear to Listen - Here to Help

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