David McAllister BSc(Hons),Dip App Soc.Science, DCHP, ADCHP, MCHPA(hyp)

Helping people Nationwide and Internationally achieve:


For an appointment and free telephone confidential assessment contact me :

Phone: 085 843 59 39                                                   

Email: daviemac@live.ie

1. “I am delighted to be renowned for results”.

2. “My mission is to fix your problem as soon as possible”.

3. “If you want a passionate, enthused and motivated approach, then we should talk”.

4. “You are probably already beginning to notice that I work fast to help solve your problem”.

5. “I only work with people that are determined to fix their problem”.

6. Yes. I am proud not to be cheap. My reputation commands premium fees”.

7. “As you know, I only work with winners”.

Sexual Issues and Enhancement :

I can help you resolve your sexual issues quickly through my Complete Mind Therapy system which will be discreet and in total confidence. (See tab above for more information)

Weight Loss:

I can help you change your relationship with food and drink , respect and understand what motivates you, become healthier and more confident in both mind and body. (See tab above for more information)

People really noticed I was slimmer and happier, I noticed too (EB Female)

Stress/ Fears /Anxiety/ Phobias:

I can help you learn to cope and deal with unnecessary stress / fears and anxiety by helping to look at the triggers which affect you and get you to refocus on the positive change your new behaviour will bring to your life.(See tab above for more information)

Just wanted to say hi and thank you. I’ve turned a huge corner.Have actually got myself a part time job and getting back in the land of the living. Still taking my kite out and have bought my friends little ones some too so we’ve been going out together. Thank again David, it’s been a really tough year but it’s getting better.

Stop Smoking E.A.S.Y for Good :

My “Stop Smoking EASY for Good  ” process changes the way you see yourself and the relationship you have with smoking. You are not an “ex smoker” you are someone who does not smoke and feels more healthier and richer too. ( See tab above for more details)

Totally worth it, wouldn’t smoke if you paid me, should have done it years ago       (TC Female)

David McAllister , is a personal change coach and therapist, utilizing leading edge psychological methods such as:

clinical hypnotherapy, hypnopsychotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques to help clients overcome their issues.

David’s clients come from all walks of life and all ages, sharing a common purpose to let David help them resolve their issues. Through overcoming any unwanted habits, behaviours or emotions to help you lead a more healthy, fulfilling life.

David’s passion for self-development and improvement is reflected through the excellent results he achieves with his clients in his Dublin therapy clinic and worldwide.

During the last decade David has successfully helped hundreds of people for smoking, weight loss, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, phobias, confidence, sexual issues and various other psychological and emotional issues.

He has also for over 20 years provided a consulting and coaching services to optimise people’s performance in personal and professional development. Managing complex and sensitive issues in a discreet professional manner.

David also provides professional support and advice to the hypnotherapy psychology department in Temple Street Children’s University Hospital and also provides a confidential support contact service to the staff and hypnotic mindfulness training to both staff and visitors.


David received his hypnotherapy training from the Institute Of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and holds the following qualifications:

• Certificate in Sexual Issues and Enhancement
•BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Social and Psychological Studies
•Advanced Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
•Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
•Diploma in Applied Social Sciences
•Distinction in FETAC Advanced Certificate in Coaching

David is a member of the largest Irish professional hypnotherapy association – The Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Association (CHPA)

Feel free to call for your complimentary confidential telephone consultation where we can have a chat about your issues in the strictest of confidence. Just call David now on:

Phone: 085 843 5939

Email: daviemac@live.ie




The BodyWise Clinic
Second Floor
25 Suffolk Street
Dublin 2





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