David McAllister BSc(Hons),Dip App Soc.Science, DCHP, ADCHP, MCHPA(hyp)


Is there something holding you back; something preventing you from achieving the happiness and success that want.  A Traumatic experience; Mental Illness; Anxiety, or perhaps an inability to achieve weight-loss or stop smoking, these are all obstacles that can stop you from unlocking your full potential.  Thankfully there are established and proven therapies that help overcome these difficulties.  Just imagine how much better life would be once your worries no longer trouble you!

For an appointment and free confidential assessment* contact me :

Phone: 085 843 59 39

Email: daviemac@live.ie


The BodyWise Clinic
Second Floor
25 Suffolk Street
Dublin 2

* Free Initial consultations are limited on a first come first serve basis

Weight Loss:

I can help you change your relationship with food and drink , respect and understand what motivates you, become healthier and more confident in both mind and body. (See tab above for more information)

People really noticed I was slimmer and happier, I noticed too (EB Female)

Stress/ Fears /Anxiety:

I can help you learn to cope and deal with unnecessary stress / fears and anxiety by helping to look at the triggers which affect you and get you to refocus on the positive change your new behaviour will bring to your life.(See tab above for more information)

With Davie’s help I totally nailed it, I don’t blush or fear public speaking any more( AB Male)

Stop Smoking for Good:

My “Stop Smoking for Good” programme changes the way you see yourself and the relationship you have with smoking. You are not an “ex smoker” you are someone who does not smoke and feels more healthier and richer too. ( See tab above for more details)

Totally worth it, wouldn’t smoke if you paid me, should have done it years ago(TC Female)


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